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Urban Landworks 

Irrigation System - Maintenance, Repair & Service Contractor

Serving Bloomington, (MN) Area - Hennepin, Scott, Dakota County 


Irrigation Maintenance

Seasonal Irrigation System Maintenance 

Urban Landworks of Bloomington, MN offers sprinkler / irrigation installation, system startup, in-season maintenance, and fall shutdown of your irrigation system. To keep your lawn healthy year-round, it needs one inch of rain per week. If weather is dry, we suggest watering your lawn every day in each place your sprinkler covers.  Watering your lawn in short intervals, many times a week, is much better than watering once week for an extended period. The multiple watering’s allows your roots to grow deeper and they don’t become water logged.
For wetter conditions, such as early spring and late fall, the process can be stepped back to every other day, with the same shorter intervals. Contact us for more information.



Irrigation Repair Services 

Yes it does happen. Someone ran over a sprinkler head and now it is leaking water everywhere. Or your irrigation system is not properly working. Could it be the timer? maybe a broken pipe? Well, to save yourself the hassle of the unkown. Our team at Urban Landworks can analyze your situation, diagnose the problem and find the right solution for your Bloomington, Hennepin County, MN area irrigation system. 

We repair and replace all parts and components of the irrigation system, including:

  • Broken sprinkler pipes
  • Broken sprinkler heads, nozzles,
  • Controllers/timers
  • Broken control valves
  • Broken shutoff Valves
  • Broken drip emitters, drip pipes and drip tubing
  • Backflow replacements