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Urban Landworks 

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Serving Bloomington, (MN) Area - Hennepin, Scott, Dakota County 


Irrigation Installation

The Importance of a Professional Landscape Irrigation System

Residential & commercial property owners both have the same desire when it comes to their landscaping. They want it to look it's best, throughout the year. However, maintaining your landscape comes with a price, and that cost needs to reflect your budget, as well as your desired outcome. 

 A properly installed Irrigation system can keep your landscape looking its healthiest and most attractive, with minimal effort and upkeep. From industrial sized irrigation systems, to irrigation design for HOAs, commercial, or office buildings. Urban Landworks can provide irrigation system installation & irrigation maintenance to commercial properties in Bloomington, MN and the surrounding areas of Hennepin County. . Contact us to learn more.



Irrigation Installation Saves Money

Urban Landworks can install a professional lawn irrigation system, that will save you money. Especially when it comes to your water bill in the Bloomington, MN area.  Professionally installed irrigation systems set your watering to a timer and ensure the correct water pressure is used, ensuring the health of your lawn all season long. Your irrigation system helps you avoid water waste and overwatering, that can harm plants. By timing your watering for cooler times in the day and having an automatic shut off when your landscaping has been sufficiently watered, your irrigation system installation conserves resources and saves you money.