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Most quality Pond Suppliers like our listing members are dedicated to providing their customers with the most comprehensive and logical pond maintenance programs available. This dedication enables us to make educated improvements on our product line and maintenance techniques thus allowing us to offer the most comprehensive and highest quality pond advice & services that you will find in your area.

Simply put we love Ponds and Waterfalls and enjoy the opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise with you so that you may enjoy your Water Gardening lifestyle. We recommend you research the water treatments any retailer is proposing to you and ask if the products are environmentally friendly and proven to work for your pond.


Is To Implement A Water Treatment Regimen...
And Stick To It !


Water treatments and other additives make it simple to maintain a healthy, well-balanced water garden alongside with proper pond filtration and aeration.

Aquascape’s new pump top liquid bottles and bubble tabs make dosing simple and affordable. Put away your calculators and enjoy a clean, clear, healthy pond with the complete line of algae control, beneficial bacteria, flocculent and other Aquascape water treatment products.

Most Common Treatments

Algae Control

Algae control products are essential to clear and healthy water. Every pond owner has at one time battled algae in one form or another. You will find a wide variety of additives to help control algae, as well as new electronic ways on killing string algae along with new products from top manufacturers.


Ornamental water gardens are enclosed ecosystems, most times factors like fish load, uneaten fish food, organics such as leaves, sludge and unwanted debris may disrupt the balance. Beneficial Bacteria maintains a strong biological balance; providing clean, clear and healthy water conditions.


Removes and detoxifies chlorine – Neutralizes ammonia – Detoxifies and chelates copper and heavy metals – Protects & repairs fish (slime coat) – best for pond fish during cleanouts and transport, into new city supplied water. It’s generally a good idea to add dechlorinator every time you add water.

Barley Straw

Barley straw is a great natural or green alternative method that replaces algaecides for pond water treatment. Install barley mats, or liquid barley in the fall or early spring or during cooler weather. Almost all pond product retailers carry barley straw products in many forms so don’t forget to ask which is for you.

Pond Dye

Popular Pond dyes work by coloring the water black, dark blue or blue-green. Dye reduces the depth of sunlight a great deal. This restricts submerged plant and algae growth to only the shallowest areas of the pond or lake. “Black” pond dye will not help a muddy pond, though. Only blue dye will give you results.

Sludge Control

Garden ponds will get pond sludge, it’s what occurs from the natural world around it. So what is pond sludge? It is a build-up of organic materials such as plants or leaves that fall into the pond water, fish waste, dead algae and dirt, as well as inorganic matter like uneaten fish food. Ask your local pond shop what works best.

H2O Conditioners

Pond & Water Feature Conditioners help balance your water garden or fish pond. From removing chlorine in city tap water to advanced activated carbon, these types of pond conditioning products will help balance the water in your water features, and keep them clear and healthy..

Activated Carbon

Activated carbon attracts and holds organic chemicals from your pond water. It is a very cost effective way for treating large and small volumes of water to remove dilute concentrations of contamination. The surface area of this media results in an large surface area that can attract and hold organic chemicals.

Water Clarifiers

Water Clarifiers help by clearing pond water by combining very small suspended organic particles into larger pieces that then drop out of suspension to the bottom of your pond or water garden, or are collected in a pond filter utilizing a fine filter pad or filter sponge media in your pond filter setups.​

Pond Salt

While there are certainly reasons for using salt in your water garden, often it’s used improperly. Consequently, plants and fish in the in your pond suffer and can even die. Talking to your local pond pro can bring to light important information that should assist you in deciding whether to use salt in your pond and, if so, how to apply it correctly.


Pond & Fountain Defoamer Water Treatments are designed to instantly eliminate to leave your pond, water clean and clear no matter the size. Simply add directly to your water and let the product do all the work, no mixing or water changes needed. No worry since it’s 100% safe for all fish, plants, birds and other aquatic animals.

Ammonia Control

Ammonia is a naturally occurring chemical created in your pond by the breakdown of waste/sludge, fish food, and excrement and dead or decaying plants. Ammonia should be naturally broken down by adding beneficial bacteria in your pond. Ask your local pond shop what the best products are to help control the nitrogen.



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