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Liberty’s Pavers, Ponds & Water Features LLC

Outdoor-Landscape Lighting Design & Installation Contractor

Serving Old Bridge, Matawan, Monmouth County-NJ

Also Serving Middlesex & Ocean County, NJ

Landscape Lighting

Liberty’s Pavers, Ponds & Water Features LLC

Landscape Lighting


We, at Liberty's Pavers, Ponds & Water Features, can help design, and install, landscape lighting features, into your Old Bridge, Matawan, Monmouth, Middlesex & Ocean County-NJ area yard, which adds a beautiful feature to any garden. Landscape lighting also offers the added benefit of security to your home.


Why Should You Consider Professionally Designed Landscape Accent Lighting For Your Home Or Business?


With so many things to consider about your outdoor landscape lighting, oftentimes the most important items are the stand-out features, plants, trees, boulders or ornamental add-on’s on your property or place of business. Especially if you live in the Old Bridge, Matawan, Monmouth County & surrounding areas of New Jersey.


Accent landscape lighting not only draws your attention to a certain aspect of your landscape, but it also becomes essential in providing adequate light in the darkest areas. It can also draw your attention to key far away areas of your landscape, which in turn will draw people near to that area, to see why you have it lit up. Accent lights are also great for consideration of lighting areas in the future, that may not be in the budget for initial installations. If you plan on installing future lights, select a larger transformer initially to save money later on. Contact us today to learn more.

Pathway lighting and driveway lighting


We all wish for our homes to be inviting, not only for us, but also for our friends and neighbors. You don’t need to light up your house like a nightclub, of course. However, for safety reasons, it pays to have pathway/walkway landscape lighting installed that will gently illuminate the way for everyone to your front porch, garden path, or your backyard patio.


Using super premium handcrafted LED outdoor lighting fixtures,  Liberty’s Pavers, Ponds & Water Features LLC, of New Jersey-based out of Old Bridge, Matawan, Monmouth, Middlesex, Ocean County, NJ & surrounding areas, can transform your exterior pathways, walkways, and driveway into illuminated areas, that eliminate dark and scary nighttime spaces.


Pathway lighting and driveway lighting help ensure safety and security in the darker evening hours. Properly illuminating these areas, especially at any elevation change, at each step and entry point will provide you peace of mind that these areas are well-lit and beautiful all at the same time. Contact us today to get started on lighting up your home and yard!

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