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Giles Outdoor Services, LLC

Landscape Installation - Plantings, Trees, Shrubs, Sod - Commercial & Residential

Serving - Prior Lake, Scott County & Lakeville, Savage, Lonsdale Areas of Minnesota (MN)

Landscape Installations

Landscape Installation Services


If you are like most homeowners, in the Prior Lake, Scott County & Lakeville, Savage, Lonsdale Areas of Minnesota (MN), you spend a great deal of time on the interior of your home. After all, that is where you and your family spend most of your time. However... what about the exterior of your home? It's time to turn your attention outward. If you love the outdoors, or have a young family, your yard can be one of the most important aspects of your home. Giles Outdoor Services specializes in the planting of trees, shrubs and laying sod and mulch for our clients in the Prior Lake, MN area. Landscaping, and planting your yard, to enhance its beauty, is a great way to get as much enjoyment from your yard as possible. There are many advantages to making the decision to have your landscape professionally designed. Contact us today to get started on a brand new landscape for your home.


We invite you to explore our other services including: decorate stamped concrete, flatwork concrete, dumpsters and demo removals, retaining walls, hydro seeding, landscape design, dirt work & excavating, and reach out to us to learn how we can help you achieve your outdoor dreams. 


Giles Outdoor Services' area of expertise is in planning, designing, and installing or refurbishing your outdoor landscape. We can do this by planting trees, flowers, shrubs, and installing new lawns mostly around your house or place of business. We can also add hardscaping features into your outdoor area, everything from patios, to retaining walls, and even concrete work to transform your landscape into everything you've ever wanted!


To make an outdoor space worth living in, we use soft materials such as shrubs and other living plants, as well as hard materials such as footbridges, boulders, and other man-made structures. If you are thinking of having a landscape installed, we will be available once you get in touch with us and share your vision.


Landscape Installation Upgrades


Landscape Design & Construction


We consider ourselves stewards of the land. We strive to work in harmony with the land around the Prior Lake, Scott County & Lakeville, Savage, Lonsdale Areas of Minnesota (MN). From our initial contact with you... the prospective client, we like to establish your goals and dreams for your property. Every phase of your project is carefully thought-out, and executed in an orderly and efficient manner. 


How We Begin


As landscape designers, we have the privilege of working with people around our area of Minnesota (MN) who desire beautiful, functional spaces to live, work, and play in. Our goal is to create landscapes that enhance people’s lives: a garden to visit and collect some cut flowers, a water feature to observe, a play area for the kids to dig, jump, and play in. There are endless opportunities for our work to enhance lives and lift spirits. Our job is to work with you to create these special places in your corner of the world.