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Giles Outdoor Services, LLC

Dirt Work & Excavation Services - Commercial & Residential

Serving - Prior Lake, Scott County & Lakeville, Savage, Lonsdale Areas of Minnesota (MN)

Dirt Work & Excavation

Dirt Work Services


Is your land uneven? Perhaps you do not like the way your land lies, maybe you have moisture problems on your property, or water pooling around your foundation. Whatever the case, you will need land regrading to solve the problem.  At Giles Outdoor Services we strive to help each client find the perfect land grading solution.


Our drainage service starts with a complete evaluation to discover the cause of the problem. We carefully evaluate your existing gutter and downspout layout to identify any issues. Then, we make any adjustments necessary, including routing your drainage and drain pipes. Often, the culprit may be downspouts that discharge too close to your house, causing soggy spots. We can extend these spouts or reroute them into the appropriate drain pipes so that virtually no water pools. Our solutions are centered around your needs and desires. Sometimes drainage service may need to include some light land grading, to adjust high and low areas on your property.


Giles Outdoor Services is able to take care of any dirt work or excavation you may need. Do you have a yard that has many ups and downs where water pools after the rain? We can regrade your yard to get rid of the issues. Do you want to level out an area of your yard in order to have an area for entertaining? We can do that and can even continue the process of adding a patio, or retaining wall and seating area, we can do it all.


We invite you to explore our other services including: decorate stamped concrete, flatwork concrete, dumpsters and demo removals, retaining walls, hydro seeding, landscape installations, landscape design, and reach out to us to learn how we can help you achieve your outdoor dreams. 


If you live in the Prior Lake, Scott County & Lakeville, Savage, Lonsdale Areas of Minnesota (MN) and you’re ready to upgrade your outdoor space, contact us to schedule a consultation with our services team today!


Dirt Work & Excavation Service


Giles Outdoor Services is a trusted and valued excavation contractor serving the Prior Lake, Scott County, Minnesota area. Our team offers complete excavation services, from earth moving to demolition. We are great for homeowners who want to start a construction project on their property, but aren’t sure what to do to complete a successful project.


Often times, property owners know they need to make some revisions, but aren’t always sure what they are or how to do it. Because not everyone understands the excavation process, our team completely guides you and explains how your dream property is easier to attain than you think. 


Whether you’re preparing your property for an upcoming construction project, or simply looking to remove debris from your yard, Giles Outdoor Services will help. Our team understands how various types of soil, rock, and other natural materials will react during excavation processes. Understanding the soil and earth means they can perform the work quickly and efficiently.


You tell us what you want to do, and we'll help you develop a customized plan, explain the process to you, and ease any anxiety you may have about the project. Giles Outdoor Services is awesome for helping you manage your landscaping. 


We offer a wide range of excavation services that include:

  1. Digging holes or trenches

  2. Grading land

  3. Leveling

  4. Adding sidewalks

  5. Landscaping

  6. Sewer lines 

  7. Water repair

  8. Make room and prepare the land for extra entertainment space.

If you live in the Prior Lake, Scott County Minnesota area and need help designing or improving your property, Contact Us Directly to get started.