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Landscape Retaining Walls - Boulders, Natural Stone, Decorative Hardscape Block & More

Serving - Prior Lake, Scott County & Lakeville, Savage, Lonsdale Areas of Minnesota (MN)

Retaining Walls

Landscape Retaining Walls Services


Did you know Giles Outdoor Services can help with installation of landscape retaining walls in the Prior Lake, Scott County & Lakeville, Savage, Lonsdale Areas of Minnesota (MN)?


Once you have determined the extent and type of retaining wall work that will be necessary on your property, the following step is to hire the most qualified contractor for the job. Retaining wall installation on your property by a professional hardscaping services company is often a good idea. A landscape retaining wall can help stop soil erosion and sinkholes from forming, by helping redirect water and hold back slope slides. Retaining wall landscaping is often installed to prevent a higher slope of ground from collapsing onto a lower level. Not only does this provide protection from erosion and practical drain functionality, garden retaining walls are often used to create a terraced yard as well, protecting your plants and landscape designs. Contact Us today to get your project started.


We invite you to explore our other services including: decorate stamped concrete, flatwork concrete, dumpsters and demo removals, hydro seeding, landscape installations, landscape design, dirt work & excavating, and reach out to us to learn how we can help you achieve your outdoor dreams.


What Kind of Retaining Wall Should You Use?


There are many different types of landscape retaining walls offered by Giles Outdoor Services. In fact, any kind of material that is strong enough to prop up soil can be used as the building block for a retaining wall. While many people opt for the affordable, but durable, concrete block retaining wall, many landscapers choose stacked limestone or granite boulders for aesthetic value. At the end of the day, the type you choose depends on what purpose you need the wall to serve, as well as your own personal taste. That’s why it is important to work with a landscape company that is dedicated to helping your landscaping vision come true.


Hill and Slope Solutions


Thanks to Scott County's rolling hills and hard clay soil, landscaping can become a bit of a challenge. If your house sits on a slope, it can be hard to keep water and excess soil from building up in the lowest areas of your yard. If your home sits at the bottom of a slope, this can eventually damage your home’s foundation. With retaining walls, you can prolong the life of your landscaping services, and your foundation, so you don’t have to worry about the upkeep.


Curb Appeal


Spice up the boring ground-level garden beds around your property. Landscape retaining walls will completely enhance the look of your lawn. Brighten up your whole yard with an elegant, thoughtfully designed landscape wall. With our elite designs, garden retaining walls will boost your home’s curb appeal and make maintenance a whole lot easier. Not only will your home’s landscape look beautiful, but it will be easier to maintain.


Functional Space


Terracing can divide your yard into areas specifically designed for certain functions. Section off your outdoor cooking area from the open grass where the kids run around. Create a cozy corner with outdoor furniture and a fireplace, separate from the rest of the yard. This will make your yard seem even larger and create a more private experience. Your guests are sure to be amazed next time you have people over.