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Giles Hydro Seeding Services

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Serving - Prior Lake, Scott County & Lakeville, Savage, Lonsdale Areas of Minnesota (MN)

Hydro Seeding

Hydro Seeding Services


We strive to help each client find the perfect hydro seeding solution. 

Giles Outdoor Services are hydroseeding experts, trained and certified in seeding new lawns. Over the years we have continued to develop in this specialist area, gaining recognition for consistent, quality hydroseeding and conscientious work. Hydroseeding is a budget friendly, convenient method to grow a healthy lawn, allowing for grass’ roots to remain undisturbed and protected from disease after they begin to grow, which increases the chance you’ll have healthy grass. We only utilize professional grade hydroseeding materials. Our seed mixture contains seeds, fertilizer, mulch, and binding material that will be sprayed onto the ground to establish new and strong grass roots, to create the perfect landscape. 


We invite you to explore our other services including: decorate stamped concrete, flatwork concrete, dumpsters and demo removals, retaining walls, landscape installations, landscape design, dirt work & excavating, and reach out to us to learn how we can help you achieve your outdoor dreams. 


If you live in the Prior Lake, Scott County & Lakeville, Savage, Lonsdale Areas of Minnesota (MN) and you’re ready to have your yard professionally hydro seeded, contact us to schedule a consultation with our services team today!


Ready For New Green Grass?


If you’re ready for an instant green carpet of thick, gorgeous grass on your lawn, sod installation is the solution for you. Instant satisfaction and great quality grass are what you will get from a professional sod installation. Once our work is done, we provide you with the necessary instructions for caring for your fresh new sod. Even though the sod appears mature and thick, it does need some special attentions during the first few weeks. Only light use should be given to the sod and it needs to be kept moist.


The Hydro Seeding process consists of using a premium seed blend, wood fiber mulch w/tackifier, fertilizer and water, mixed in a Hydro Seeding machine to form a homogenous slurry. The slurry is sprayed, under pressure, uniformly over the soil surface at the material application rate. Hydro Seeding can be applied to grounds of athletic fields, churches, residential homes, walking trails, golf courses, parks & recreation, apartment complexes, cemeteries, utilities, landfills, drainage ways, wild game food plots and much more.


Advantages of Hydro Seeding:


  1. Up to 2/3 cost savings compared to sod

  2. Planting process is efficient & economical

  3. Environmentally safe

  4. Seed mixtures has no weed seed

  5. Slows erosion

  6. Less watering than sod (Hydro seed mulch holds 10 times it’s weight in water)

  7. Commercial, Residential, Agricultural & Industrial Use