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​Fall & Winter Pond Supply Stores


In the fall, temperatures begin to drop around the country. Being prepared for every different season Mother Nature throws our way helps our ornamental ponds cope with the changes in the seasons better. Use this page to learn what products you need to manage your pond whether you live in a warmer southern climate or a chilly northern climate. Some pond enthusiasts enjoy performing their own fall maintenance year after year and know exactly what it means to be prepared for winter. Having the right net to cover your pond to keep leaves from entering and clogging your system is just one of the things needed to properly keep a healthy pond functioning.


Summer in most parts of the northern U.S. is just as warm as it is in the south.

When fall comes knocking on our door, we usually welcome the crisp, cool air and beautiful fall foliage. Most however don’t welcome what follows fall … winter, snow, and cold! It’s the snow and cold that we need to prepare our ponds and fish for. What you do now, in the fall, will have an effect on the health and survival of your fish throughout the winter.
When the leaves begin to fall and blow, cover the water’s surface with a net to catch them. The net discourages the debris build up on the pond bottom, which would otherwise decompose, create toxic gasses, and prove harmful to the fish during their hibernation period. Water feature Netting can be installed in a wide variety of pond shapes and sizes to help keep your water gardens clear of debris.

Pond & Water Garden Netting, Floating Heaters, De-Icers & Aerators

Pond Netting

Although some of you leave your pond up and running during the later fall months so you can enjoy the beautiful ice formations, approximately 70% of you will opt to close your pond. In order to maximize your pond enjoyment make sure to cover your pond or water garden with netting each fall.

Pond Aeration

Oxygenating or (Bubbles) the water helps keep a hole in the ice when temperatures drop to freezing or below. The hole in the ice allows harmful gasses to escape and oxygen to get in, which is beneficial for your fish. For use in all size ponds or water gardens, from small backyard ponds to large farm ponds.

Floating Heaters

Pond De-Icer prevents winter fish loss by keeping a hole open in the ice during the cold winter months. The Pond De-Icer helps ensure there are sufficient oxygen levels and proper gas exchange in the pond helping to prevent fish loss…even during extreme weather conditions. Ask your local pond store for help.

Agitator Pumps

Some of you leave your pond up and running during the winter months so you can enjoy the beautiful ice formations, approximately 30% of you will opt to leave your pond running. Installing an agitator pump on a lower shelf, or in a shallow part of the pond. This process will allows for larger holes in farm ponds also.

Emergency Tips

The hole in the ice allows harmful gasses to escape and oxygen to get in, which is beneficial for your fish. In extreme temperatures bubblers, and heaters can fail if power goes out. Using a boiling pot of water resting on the ice will open a hole for when power is restored. A propane torch will work also. NEVER Hammer Ice.


Most local pond stores carry a wide array of products to help ease your maintenance during the fall and winter. Most pond stores will stock waterproof gloves, thermometers, cold water bacterias, cold water fish food, and treatments. As well as knowledgeable staff that can help you get through the frosty months.


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